Month: August 2022

What to say to a veteran on veteran’s day

Hello Veteran!

Thank you for your service to our country. We are here to honor you and appreciate all that you have done for us. Veterans DAY is a day to pay tribute to all veterans, past and present.

We are grateful for your sacrifice, and we remember the loved ones you left behind. Thank you for being an inspiration to everyone who has encountered your bravery and strength. May God continue to bless you during your journey ahead.

What to say when you don’t get the promotion

you wanted

There may be several reasons why you did not get the promotion you desired, but most likely it has to do with your qualifications. Simply say that you are grateful for the opportunity and express your interest in furthering your skills and improving yourself so that you can compete for future promotions. If there was a clear mistake made during the hiring process, let management know immediately. You should also keep in mind that sometimes things change over time and if you put in the hard work now, chances are good you could soon have the promotion you desire.